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Sun-ken Rock

Author: boichi

Status: Completed   

Genre: Action , Comedy , Martial Arts , Romance , Seinen ,

Update: May 17, 2016

Sun-ken Rock

Next update: about May 24, 2016


Sun-Ken Rock (サンケンロック?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Boichi.
The plot tells the story of Ken who is in love with a Korean girl called Yumin.
He dropped out of high school and followed her to Korea in an attempt to be in the police force just like her. Instead, he finds himself as the head of a local gang.
What will happen to Ken? 


Sun-ken Rock Vol.21 Ch.171(end) May 17, 2016
Sun-ken Rock Ch.170 Feb 25, 2016
Sun-ken Rock Ch.169 Feb 25, 2016
Sun-ken Rock Vol.2 Ch.168 Jan 11, 2016
Sun-ken Rock Vol.2 Ch.167 Jan 11, 2016
Sun-ken Rock Vol.21 Ch.166 Dec 21, 2015
Sun-ken Rock Vol.21 Ch.165 Nov 18, 2015
Sun-ken Rock Vol.21 Ch.164 : Vol 21 Oct 16, 2015
Sun-ken Rock Vol.21 Ch.163 : Vol 21 Oct 10, 2015
Sun-ken Rock Vol.21 Ch.162 Aug 28, 2015

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